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Midnight Last Call: Bars, Pubs, and Clubs

An announcement is expected today by The Minister of Health and Social Services, Christian Dubé in regard to a new policy in regard to the closing of serving time for bars, pubs, and clubs - which will now be midnight - effective tonight.

The Minister of Health will also remind Bar and club owners that the capacity of establishments must be reduced (approximately 50%), and that clients must remain seated, not dance, and must leave the bars at 1 a.m.

Quebec intends to suspend any liquor license for bars that violate the rules.

As of tonight, the new to be imposed midnight 'last call' time is to ensure greater compliance with health regulations such as physical distance.

Bars will also be required to maintain a customer registry, a measure already in effect in other provinces.

This is to facilitate infectious control measures such as contact tracing when Public Health are notified about any patron infected with the coronavirus.

The Québec Bar Owners Association are not happy with the decision having endured much loss of revenue since the previous closures due to Covid-19. They also had to make major investments in order to operate according to new rules of conformity.

The Minister will also announce to the public the obligation to wear a mask will be made compulsory in public places that are "closed in" effective for the start of the construction holidays, on July 20.

These announcements will come later today.

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