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Campgrounds: Opening Announcement Expected Later Today

The 'Green Light' to open is expected later today by Québec Government officials as campground owners , cottagers, camping enthusiasts and seasonal renters wait with much anticipation.

Great concerns remain among communities in the outer regions as they do not want the influx of vacationers potentially compromising their risk to exposure of infection - albeit the much needed boost to their seasonal revenue.

Tourism Minister Caroline Proulx will make the announcement this afternoon at a press conference.

The 'de confinement plan' likely to start June 1st, will of course have strict regulations in addition to Health and Safety protocols to be followed by owners and campers alike.

For instance, campers on the same site must be from the same family unit.

Social distancing rules would still apply on the campgrounds.

Outdoor swimming pools would still be on hold for now.

Sewage for RV's and trailers must all be in working order as on site facilities could be reserved for those who do not have a service, such as those who sleep in a tent.

It is rumoured that a few areas or regions could still be placed 'on hold' - opening only when authorized at a later date, or during another phase.

These delays would refer most likely to those the in the Greater Montreal region.

Wildlife sanctuaries and outfitters will also likely be authorized to receive clients as of June 1.

On site snackbars should be permitted if offering take out meals, while crowd gathering activities or organized events would be forbidden for now.

More information will be updated after detailed confirmation of the announcement later today.

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