Organic Material/Waste Bins MRC Rousillon

April 9, 2019



New 240 liter brown refuse bins are to be distributed by the MRC (The MRC de Roussillon) in 11 municipalities over a period of 16 weeks, ranging from May 27 to September 13, 2019.


These bins are to be used strictly for organic material, and collections will take place every week in the summer and then every two weeks from the months of December to March - totaling  44 collections per year. Complexe Enviro Connexions was awarded the contract for an estimated value of $ 2.9 million.


Your food and green waste and other appropriate organic matter from your bin is then sent to special treatment centers where it is are turned into compost, a natural fertilizer.  


Meat, fruit and vegetable scraps, garden waste, paper and soiled cardboard and brown bags are types of refuse that is acceptable to be placed in your bin. Table scraps, cooked or raw , Fruits and vegetables and peelings, meat with bones and fat , solid milk products (cheese, butter and yogurt), fish with bones, seafood, eggs and eggshells, pasta, bread and cereals, desserts and sweets, tea/herbal tea bags and coffee grounds, waste paper and soiled cardboard, paper plates, tissues and paper towels, paper napkins are all examples of what should be disposed of in these bins.


Plastic bags will be refused.


Private homes and residential buildings of 6 units and less in the participating municipalities of the territory who will implement are as follows: 

Candiac, Châteauguay, Delson, Kahnawake, La Prairie, Lery, Mercier, Saint Catherine, Saint-Constant, Saint-Isidore, St. Philippe, and Saint-Mathieu.


The fridge and freezer should help as interim storage areas between collections. 


Yes- we MUST protect the environment, but let's also hope that roving raccoons don't start nightime garbage wars or have buffets in the middle of the streets on collection day.. lol..



*The bin photo is for demonstrative purposes only and not those to be distributed.




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