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New Rules For Your Nuggets:

Folks of all ages just can't get enough of them nuggets...Well, then that it's a good thing that the new CFIA standards will be implemented today, demanding that all breaded chicken product manufacturers reduce salmonella levels to below detectable amounts.

Apparently there has been 566 laboratory-confirmed cases of salmonella associated with "recalled" breaded chicken, and about 87,500 cases of other salmonella infections reported yearly in Canada.

In 2017, Canada produced 1.2 billion kilograms of chicken, 60.8% of which was produced in Quebec and Ontario. Canada's commercial chicken and turkey meat production totaled 1,37 billion kilograms.

Remember to always handle raw turkey and raw chicken in a secure and hygienic manner, and cook it thoroughly in order to prevent food-related illnesses like Salmonella.

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