Filling Up Your Grocery Cart Will Cost More in 2019

Filling Up Your Grocery Cart Will Cost More in 2019:

According to a recent released report published by Dalhousie University in conjunction with the University of Guelph, "Canada’s Food Price Report for 2019" states that overall food prices are expected to rise up to 3.5% in 2019.

Here are some of their "Food Forecast" foreseeable increases that you may see on the shelves in the upcoming year:

Bakery 1% to 3%

Dairy 0% to 2%

Grocery 0% to 2%

Fruit 1% to 3%

Meat- -3% to -1%

Restaurants 2% to 4%

Seafood - 2% to 0%

Vegetables 4% to 6%

Total Food Categories Forecast 1.5% to 3.5%

Better get that garden prepared early in the Spring as it looks like vegetables will have the biggest mark up in 2019!

The report states: "For the first time since its inception, this report forecasts a decrease in two highly discussed categories in the food sector: meat and seafood. We are seeing meat prices decline while plant-based proteins are on the rise, in addition to seafood price fluctuations due to availability, quality and traceability of certain imported products. Despite the anticipated negative numbers for these two categories, overall food prices are expected to rise up to 3.5% in 2019. This represents a slight increase from last year.

This forecast means that the annual food expenditure for the average Canadian family is expected to increase by $411 in 2019 to around $12,157 for the year. The cost of vegetables will continue to be an important factor. With regard to out-of-home purchases of food, the average family will see an increase of $143, a more modest increase compared to 2018."

Guess it will be gardening, price comparing and coupons for the new year!

Refer to the 2019 report here for specific details and their food forecast.

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