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Kahnawà:ke : Postponing the Opening of Community Schools

An announcement was made Thursday by the Kahnawà:ke Director of Education in conjunction with the Covid -19 Task Force Special Response Team.

They announced that they have decided to gradually open schools from September 21 rather than September 1, due to the ongoing pandemic.

"We want to take the time to establish stronger health guidelines by working with our experts, and we want to give our teachers more time to prepare, explained Robin Delaronde, Kahnawà:ke's Director of Education.

Taking a cautious approach with Kahnawà:ke educational centers and schools will also allow them to observe how the reopening will unfold elsewhere in the province.

The community of Kahnawà:ke also continues to limit 'gatherings' to 50 people instead of the Québec allowance for up to 250 people.

The bars and casinos remain closed in the territory, stating that there is no logic either in increasing gatherings to 250 or opening up the most risky sectors of the economy.

They plan to implement a gradual return to classes that could begin the week of September 21 before the full return to school scheduled for September 28.

Since the start of the pandemic, 23 people have received positive tests for COVID-19 in the community of Kahnawà:ke, with zero new cases recorded since June.

The community briefing was held by KMHC Executive Director Lisa Westaway, Kahnawà:ke Director of Education Robin Delaronde, Kahnawà:ke Youth Center Director of Operations Kyle Zacharie, and the Executive Director of Step By Step Child and Family Center Natalie Beauvais.

Facebook link to The Kahnawà:ke COVID-19 Task Force daily briefing for Thursday, August 6th 2020:

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