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Google to Build New Data Center in Beauharnois

Google has announced its intention to acquire land in Beauharnois to build a data center projected to cost upward of $ 735 million. That's quite an investment to our region. The construction of their data center could create between 300 and 500 jobs in our region.

They wrote:

"This will be an important addition to our long-standing presence in Québec. We planted roots in the province in 2004, with our first downtown Montréal office and only three employees. Nearly two decades later, our new Viger office space will have capacity to welcome up to 1000 employees when construction is complete. We look forward to welcoming back our Montréal-based software developers, world class cybersecurity team, sales, Chrome and Cloud experts, as well as our AI researchers."

“I am very proud to announce today a future major project for the region. Here, in Beauharnois, once the proposed project commences, it is estimated to generate well-paid jobs, both during construction and in the operation of the future data center.

The growth of a company the scale of Google in Québec confirms our status as one of the world’s most dynamic and greenest technology hubs,” said Pierre Fitzgibbon, Minister of Economy and Innovation." Given the IKEA project already underway, this is most certainly another boost for the local economy and job creation in our region.

see announcement:


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