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Québec's Four-level Covid-19 Regional Alert System

Québec just announced a Four-level Covid - 19 Regional Alert System that will use color codes to convey the level of risk of Covid -19 infection to the public.

Level 1–Vigilance Green will designate an area where only basic measures are required.

Level 1– Vigilance requires constant attention amid the COVID 19 pandemic. This level corresponds to weak community spread and requires that all dictated basic measures are followed in all settings (physical distancing, respiratory etiquette, hand-washing, etc.). Other measures may also apply for specific activities and settings.

Level 2–Early Warning The yellow level will identify a region considered in early warning because community transmission is starting to increase. Certain measures will then be reinforced.

Early Warning is required as soon as transmission of the virus starts to grow. The basic measures will be strengthened and further action taken to promote and encourage compliance. For example, there could be more inspections and greater crowd control in various venues to facilitate physical distancing.

Level 3– Moderate Alert The third level of the system, colored orange, will mean a region under moderate alert.

Moderate Alert introduces new measures that target specific sectors of activity and settings where the risk of transmission is deemed higher. These sectors and settings will be subject to selective restrictions, prohibitions and closures.

Level 4 – Maximum Alert Red, the maximum alert level, where certain activities will be restricted, if not completely interrupted.

Level 4– Maximum Alert includes targeted and additional more restrictive measures that could extend to prohibiting non-essential activities in situations where risk cannot be sufficiently contained, while avoiding the generalized confinement that was experienced during the first wave of the pandemic as much as possible.

The choice of the level will be determined according to three criteria:

the epidemiological situation in the region, the control of transmission and the capacity of the healthcare system.

Regions under Yellow Alert at this time: Capitale-Nationale Estrie Outaouais Laval

Follow the alerts here:

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