"Deconfinement Plan" in the works for Québec Seniors

A three phase plan "Deconfinement Plan" for Québec Seniors ( living in residences other than CHSLD's) is in the works by the provincial government.

The first rule, is of course, that no Covid -19 cases be present at the residence.

All will have to maintain a physical distance of at least 2 meters (about 6 feet) from other people who do not live under their same roof;

It will be recommended that all elders to wear a mask or face covering upon such outings.

They will have to wash their hands when leaving the residence and upon return.

The document says that all residences will likely be asked to keep a register of residents' arrivals and departures.

Most seniors in this group will no longer have to endure supervision to go for a walk outside, whether they live in a residence for independent persons or a residence for semi-autonomous persons.

The proposed rules will also differ depending on whether we are talking about a residence for autonomous seniors or a residence for semi-autonomous people.

Finally, a resident will be allowed to be accompanied by a loved one as long as the physical distance of two meters is respected and the accompanying person does not enter the residence.

The lifting of restriction of outings to those "essential for health" such as a walk or a medical appointment;

Permission will be granted to frequent essential businesses such as grocery stores and pharmacies for people under the age of 70;

Permission will be granted to frequent essential businesses such as grocery stores and pharmacies for people aged 70 and over;

Permission will be granted for a loved one to the resident outside of the residence by maintaining a distance of two meters at all times.

The creation of a visitors schedule would likely be implemented to avoid "social gatherings"

Indoor or outdoor activities could become once again possible if a distance of two meters between the participants can be maintained.

There is a different time schedule for the proposed Seniors Deconfinement Plan - based upon "stages", spread over three weeks, that is dependant on the region where the senior resides.

A little a little sunshine is finally coming their way..


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