Still On Hold: Camping Season 2020

In a press briefing, Tuesday, François Legault said that they are continuing to assess the tourism and campground situation with a view toward possible de confinement in order to allow the start of the camping season at the some 900 campgrounds in Quebec.

At present, all campgrounds that do not accommodate snowbirds (travelers returning to Quebec from the United States and having no main residence in Quebec) must be completely closed.

Camping Québec said in an update yesterday that they have received confirmation that, in these specific cases, certain sites can remain open and accommodate returned Snowbirds who may have had no immediate option for lodging.

Many seasonal campers are expressing concern that they will perhaps lose their season entirely or get off to a late start without having been able to plan or prepare their sites.

At present, all campgrounds that do not accommodate snowbirds (travelers returning to Quebec from the United States and having no main residence in Quebec) must be completely closed.

Understandably, most seasonal campers want to verify that their RV's and trailers remain in good condition after winter. Many are willing to even forego the socialization aspect and amenities that they would habitually enjoy, just to be able to visit to check on things or perform small tasks that they planned. Others may want to put their boats in the water, or to to head to the cottage in preparation for summer.

Unfortunately for now, all the above remains against the regulations.

Some campers argue that being at their own lot on a campground does indeed respect social distancing and therefore should be allowed.

Many campers are craving to just simply be out in the fresh air. Common sense would surely prevail as the majority would be fine in implementing "properly distanced" social interactions - with a stay on your own turf type of plan.

A main issue for the government remains the management of the many facilities that are required at a campground - for instance: toilets, showers, pools, parks, reception areas, as well as activities and entertainment. They want to be assured that the management will ensure safety for all concerned. Owners and operators of campgrounds who need to plan appropriate human resources and manpower are fielding bookings that are only 'tentative' in nature.

For now, here are the rules:

• Only snowbirds who have no other accommodation option in Quebec can camp on the grounds of the locations concerned;

• These camping locations must close all access to common areas;

• Water, electricity and sewer must be provided directly to the sites, to allow campers to comply with compulsory isolation for 14 days following their return, then social distancing following their complete isolation

• Remember that it is now mandatory for all travelers returning to Canada to be placed in confinement for 14 days. No exceptions are allowed.

Any offender will be liable to a fine of up to $ 750,000 or a maximum imprisonment of six months

• Campers who are seasonal clients of campsites are strictly prohibited from visiting the grounds.

Let's hope that the usual carefree times that both children and adults look forward to each season will soon again return and alleviate a little of the pent up, locked up, cooped up mentality that is rampant at this given moment in history.

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