Update: Wind/Rainstorm Nov 1st 2019

There is now 488 023 across the province who are without electricity. This is more than double the previous numbers that were earlier reported. The highest concentration of those without power are those residing here in the Montérégie area with 112 639 affected from the South Shore to the US border. Downed trees, fallen branches and flying debris remain an issue across the regions. As the Montérégie, the Laurentian communities are increasingly affected with approximately 79 041 clients respectively. The Outaouais reports 24 663 clients without electricity. Lanaudière region is reportedly now 44152 clients, and 24 540 in Estrie. Downed trees, fallen branches and flying debris remain an issue across ALL the regions.

Remain alert to your surroundings. Avoid construction areas and drive attentively with 2 hands on the wheel and slow it down!

Many traffic lights are inoperative and flashing throughout the various regions, so be reminded to come to a FULL stop and obey the rules of the intersections / road folks!

Stay safe and help your neighbors and elders whenever possible.


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