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Travel to East of Eden - A Guide To The Best of Thailand:

Formerly known as Siam, this pearl of Indonesia is home to almost 68.86 million citizens. Manufacturing, agriculture, and especially tourism is what drives it's economy.

Thailand is the only Southeast Asian nation to never have been colonized and it's society was heavily influenced by the culture and religions of India. The main religion practiced in Thailand is Buddhism, but there is a strong undercurrent of Hinduism and Taoism. 95% of the Thai people practice Theravada Buddhism.

English is becoming more commonly spoken at the more popular Thai cities and tourist resorts located throughout the country and especially in Bangkok,Hua Hin,Phuket,Chiang Mai, and Ko Samui.

Almost one in two people of Thailand's work force is employed in agriculture, with 'rice' being the number one crop choice among the country's 13 million farmers.

Statistics state that 244,268 Canadians visited Thailand in 2016, and many visit not only to relish in the splendor of the beauty of Thailand's beaches, it's exotic cuisine and geographical variances, but also for the now booming 'Medical Tourism' industry which is a steady growing sector within Thailand's extensive tourism and healthcare institutions. Private hospitals cater to international medical travelers, and perform a vast number of diverse and more affordable surgeries from cardiac to cosmetic and dental type procedures, to even gender reassignment. Another so called 'industry' that caters to the many international clients is that of the sex trade where travelers

Visit their official Tourism Authority:

Food: Thai food is actually based on a balance between different flavors including spicy, sour, sweet, salty, and bitter, see more here:

Culture: Known for their 'smiles' the people of this country have a long history:

Local and Video: Bon Voyage!

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